The current pandemic has seen us face a number of challenges as an Ensemble since the national lockdown in March 2020. Following extensive research we realised that there were no tools or apps that would enable us all to play together live online, so we rose to the challenge of keeping the Ensemble together virtually.

We went from being unable to meet up at all under initial lock down rules, holding online meet ups and quizes on Zoom and musical collaborations using the fantastic Acapella app, through to occasional outside rehearsals for up to 6 players.

We’re pleased to say that we’re now able to meet up in person for COVID-Secure rehearsals, having undertaken a thorough risk assessment and implemented appropriate measures to enable safe, socially distanced flute playing.

To attend rehearsals, members need to fill in a COVID screening form in advance to reserve their place and agree to abide by the safety measures as set out in our risk assessment.

While currently limited in numbers due to the size of our rehearsal space and social distance rules we are now back to the Adult Ensemble being able to meet weekly, and we’re hoping that the Junior Ensemble will soon be able to restart in some form too.